The South Slav Journal


The South Slav Journal has been published twice annually in London since 1978. Originally it was published by the Dositey Obradovich Circle. The journal was initiated by a group of enthusiasts, headed by Mr. Nemanja Marcetic (MA) and his wife Pat Taylor, dedicated to the research of Yugoslav history and society. Established during the Cold War, it advocated the introduction of democracy to communist Yugoslavia, and opposed the dictatorship of Josip Broz Tito and his successors.

By 2008, twenty-eight volumes had been published. Over the past several decades the journal was published by The South-Slav Research and Study Centre in London. By mutual agreement, from 2009 The South Slav Journal has been published jointly by the South-Slav Research and Study Centre in London and the Anglo-Serbian Society. The new editorial management of this new series aims to continue to publish the journal in two issues annually.

Since its inception the journal has been open to different, often conflicting, views and this policy will be kept in the new series. All queries and article submissions may be addressed to members of the current editorial board:

Editor: Dr. Eric Beckett Weaver,
Deputy Editor: Dr. Slobodan G. Markovich,

Issues of The South Slav Journal:
Volume 29 No. 1-2 (111-112) Spring 2010 (New Series)

Volume 29 No. 3-4 (113-114) Autumn 2010 (New Series)

Volume 30 No. 1-2 (115-116) Spring 2011 (New Series)

Volume 30 No. 3-4 (117-118) Autumn 2011 (New Series)

Volume 31 No. 1-2 (119-120 Spring 2012 (New Series)

Volume 31 No. 3-4 (121-122) Autumn 2012 (New Series)

Volume 32, No. 1-2 (123-124), Spring 2013 (New Series)

Volume 33, No, 1-2 (125-126), Spring 2014 (New Series)